Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First Blog

Hi everyone! This is my first blog, and I am going to see if this works to keep everyone informed of what's going on with the family and post new pictures as often as I can. I hope this will give you guys a chance to see how the kids are doing and how they are growing and changing.
Well, Jake had a rought night last night--tummy ache. I was right there with him--we were up for quite a while--I had turned on the nightstand light and it was still on when he woke me up at 5--so who knows how much sleep we really had. Caleb has intermurals today and his last soccer game of the season. He is excited because they get to go have a party at Chuck E. Cheese this weekend. Emma is starting to really have a little attitude in regards to doing what she is told the first time, so we are trying to work on that. I am trying to get ready for Frost Festival in between everything else, and we are also looking for a house. Life is hectic but good.