Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a week!

I just wanted to write down everything that has happened over the past few days--I hope this doesn't come across as complaining--we have just had a bunch of stuff happen to us in the last 1 1/2 weeks. So here goes:
Tuesday (16th): Emma gets stung by a wasp/bee/something after going across the neighborhood to the park (where she is not supposed to go by herself). It was also open house for Caleb and Emma (Jake's was the night before). They found out who their teachers were. Caleb also had football practice.
Wednesday (17th): Will runs 101.4 temp off and on all day and is really fussy. Caleb has football practice.
Thursday(18th): First day of school for Caleb, Emma and Jake. Will is breaking out into clusters of spots all over both arms and is still fussy. Washing machine locks and will not unlock while I have Caleb's football clothes in it. I have to take off the bottom panel and manually unlock the door, then hand wash football clothes. Kids arrive home from their first bus ride with good reports on the first day of school. Caleb has football practice.
Friday (19th): Washing machine repair man is supposed to come between 12-5pm today. Will and I make a quick run to the grocery store since we are out of diapers, milk and bread. Will is breaking out even more in spots--they are now on his legs, bottom, and around his mouth and on his wrists and fingers. I debate whether or not to take him to the doctor but ultimately decide to wait. Kids have a great 2nd day of school. Washing machine repair guy arrives at 4:53pm. Says we need a new control unit board. It will cost $600--we opt to get a new washer instead as this problem has been ongoing for over 2 years.
Saturday (20th): We decide to go look for a washer today at Sears. Since Will was up a ton last night, we get a late start to the day and have to wait until Will wakes up from his nap to leave. While waiting after lunch, Jake rolls off the couch and starts crying about his arm hurting. He cries for 15 minutes straight and asks to go to the walk-in clinic. Emma decides to go with me. Caleb is playing at his friend Christopher's house, and Will is asleep at home with Shon. We get to the urgent care clinic and there is a bit of a wait. Once back in the room we wait even longer. They take us for an xray and we wait some more. The doctor comes in and to my shock says the elbow is broken and that we need to go over to the Women's and Children's hospital to await the ortho guys there. We receive a copy of our xrays and they put a fiberglass splint on Jake. I take Emma back home and Will is still asleep (3:30 pm at this point). I get Jake a stuffed animal to take with him and grab my ipad for some entertainment. We head to the ER at the hospital. There we wait some more and are taken back to a room. We have more xrays done. Jake is examined by the ER doctor, a peds resident and a peds med student. He is then examined by 2 orthopedic residents. After much discussion they finally decide to send us home after re splinting his arm. We are told they will call on Sunday about his surgery appointment for Monday. Jake is given pain meds (Fentanyl) via his nose before they splint him. He is very happy after this:-) We arrive home around 8 pm after getting McDonald's to eat.
Sunday (21st): Shon stays home with Jake and Will (who had a 3 1/2 hour nap total on Saturday and has no more spots thankfully but the ones he does have are more red/blistery). Emma, Caleb and I go to church. We drop off Jake's prescription for Tylenol #3 and go get some lunch. We pick up the prescription and head back home. After lunch everyone rests and then we decide to grill out steaks for supper. I head back to the store. We get a call that Jake has surgery scheduled for Monday. We need to be at the hospital between 6:30 and 7 am. Everyone goes to be early. My cell phone decides today is a great day to completely quit working.
Monday (22nd): Jake and I leave the house around 6:25. We arrive at the hospital and after a few minutes are told the right area to go to. We get him signed in and get back in a room around 7:30am. He gets into his hospital pjs and settles into the bed in the room. We watch tv and watch tv and watch tv. The anesthesiologist arrives to talk about what he will be doing. We watch a lot more tv (Phineas and Ferb). Finally around 10:15 they arrive to take him back to surgery. The peds ortho doctor says they will try and do a closed reduction (meaning no surgery necessary) but if they can't then he will have 2 pins put in his arm. I head out to the waiting area. Around 11am they call me back to the consultation room and let me know the doctor will be there in a minute to talk to me. Shon's cell phone, although fully charged when I left the house, is now almost dead so I cannot update that way anymore. The doctor says they were able to do a closed reduction. He is in recovery and I will be able to see him soon. About 20 minutes later they let me back into a different room while I wait for Jake. He starts crying as soon as he sees me:-( He is most upset about the fact that he has an IV in his foot. He is able to eat a popsicle (orange) and drink some Sprite and they take out the IV. We leave the hospital around 1pm. Jake falls asleep in the car after receiving morphine immediately after the reduction and then oxycodone before we left the hospital. He sleeps at home while I run to the store (Shon is home with Will after taking the older 2 to school). I get soup, Jello, and Sprite at the store, along with a few other items. Jake does well most of the afternoon. He falls back asleep around 4:30. When he wakes up at 6 he just wants to go back to bed. I feel his forehead and he is really warm. Temp is 101.6. I give him Tylenol along with some sips of his Sonic orange slush. About 10 minutes later after refusing supper I help him sit up and then go grab his pjs. He stands up for me to help him and immediately throws up everywhere. I hustle him to the bathroom where he throws up again. We get his clothes off and get him into the bath after wrapping his cast in a Walmart bag. After the bath I help him into pjs and then off to bed. He does well for most of the night--no more throwing up.
Tuesday (22nd): Jake is staying home today. He continues to run fever off and on. I call the ortho office and they say to let them know if it gets over 101 again. So far so good. He has a great day for the most part and is able to keep down everything. No complaints of pain. Emma and Caleb have a good day at school. Emma starts ballet today and Caleb has football. Shon and I divide and conquer:-) Emma wakes me up in the middle of the night saying she feels sick to her stomach:-( Hopefully things will get back to normal soon! Jake is going to school on Wednesday and Emma is probably staying home since she felt pretty warm to me.
I am impressed if anyone other than my mom is still reading after all of this:-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1 year old!

Will you are 1! Mommy cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. You have been doing so much over the past few months (mommy missed posting your 11 month old post--oops!) You are rolling over from your back to your stomach both ways and love sleeping on your tummy now--you are sleeping without anything covering you other than a blanket. However, your sleep has not been great--you are only taking 1 nap and we have been struggling at night to get you to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time. You are crawling everywhere and are pulling up on everything. You also will cruise along the couch (just to the left) and love banging on the windows in the kitchen and the sliding glass door. You are eating about the same but we have introduced more crackers, american cheese, turkey from the deli, biscuits, and chocolate/whole milk. You are not too sure about the sippy cup with milk in it and absolutely do not understand the bottle concept.
You are wearing size 3 diapers and are wearing Huggies overnight diapers in size 4 at night. You are wearing 12-18 month clothing. You still love going to the pool and splashing. The last time we went, you tried to crawl into the deeper water and got a faceful before mommy rescued you. You like going into the deep end with mommy holding you but you try to get me to let go:-) You enjoyed going to Meme's for the 4th of July--mommy almost wanted to leave you there because you slept so well--you took 2 five hour naps and slept most of the night because we stayed in the safe room there, which has no windows:-) You still take a pacifier a lot of the time. You have been to the doctor a few times--once for an ear infection and once for croupy cough. You also started therapy this past month after your evaluation for the early childhood program through the state, which you did qualify for. You are receiving physical therapy once a week and speech therapy as well. You also are wearing orthotics in your shoes to strengthen your ankles, which you really don't like. Both therapists come to the house so that is very nice for mommy.
You are growing and learning new things almost everyday. We are so proud to call you ours and love you so much Will! Happy Birthday!