Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A few funnies to remember

So I wanted to write down a few funnies from my kids before they leave my brain forever:-) Last night we were sitting down to a later than normal supper (breakfast for supper--yummy!), and I said the quick and easy, "God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food, Amen". Emma turns to me and I hear her say, "How do we know that God is great?" Thinking this is a great time for a "Bible lesson" I tell her that it says in the Bible that God is great and that we can look it up after supper. Then she asks me, " How do we know He isn't peach?" I sat for a few minutes and then had to leave the table so she wouldn't see me laughing. I figured out she had asked me how we know that God is GREY, not great. After recovering, I went in and told her the correct prayer. It's pretty sad that she has been saying it for years at church and Kids Day Out and never knowing what she truly was saying:-) This also occurred with her saying the Pledge of Allegiance. It is the United Stakes of America, and one nation, under God, invisible, with liberty and justice for all:-)

Jake has his own unique way of pronouncing words that is really cute. Some of my favorites are as follows:

His supper prayer: Deah Goh, Deah Goh, Ame ( no "n" on the amen)
His sister Emma: Gray ( he calls her Grace instead of Emma--her middle name is Grace)
Talking on the phone: Hewo dere
Needing something to drink: My dink peese
Wanting to be tickled: kickle me
Pick me up: Pick up me
His brother Caleb: bubba
My sister Christy and her husband Josh: Crick kee and Jwah
Calling my dad a goober (thanks for that word, dad:-): Papa, you a googer!
Needing a band aid: Need a dan dane
Saying yes ma'am: bed pan

I'm sure I will think of more, but I wanted to get them down while a could. We are busy into the swing of school and work and everything that goes along with it. I joined the choir a few weeks ago and Emma and Caleb are both in the kids choir. Caleb is almost finished with soccer, but Upward Basketball will start in November. Emma is in ballet 1 day a week, which is more than enough:-) Jake just comes along for the ride, but is really enjoying his Kids Day Out class. I am enjoying my class, although it has taken some getting used to, going from 4 1/2 year olds to 2's turning 3. Thankfully I only work 1 day, and get a day with no kids on Thursdays:-) Hope everyone is well, and I will write again soon!

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