Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome to the sick house!

Well, we are once again in the throes of sickness at the Dunlap house. Emma has the flu, and has been running fever since yesterday morning. Last night before bed it was 104.6, and this am it was 105, so she got to go to the doctor today. He had to stick a qtip up her nose, which she loved, but he did treat the rest of the family to prevent anyone else from getting it (hopefully). Thank goodness for a good healthcare plan, because that medicine was expensive! Anyway, hopefully it will work quickly and she will feel better soon!

Jake has had an exciting week as well. On Monday he has his 1 year well child check up. He is in the 25 % on his height and weight, and the 10th on his head. He weighed 20lbs 11 oz, and was 29 1/2 in tall. He also had the great pleasure of getting 5 shots that day, so Monday night was a long night. He woke up around 12 am and didn't go back to sleep until 1:30 am. On Tuesday afternoon, he climbed up the stairs and proceeded to fall down the top flight (about 8 steps). I heard 3 thunks and the a loud cry, all the while Emma was saying, " I didn't do anything!" . He was sitting on the edge of the stair and rocked and fell backwards. He seemed fine afterward, though. I think it just scared him. He was cranky and running fever on Tuesday as well. Then yesterday, he took his first unassisted steps. It was pretty neat to see.

Caleb had his Valentine party yesterday, and he seemed to enjoy himself. He was extra sweet to Emma, giving her his carnation that he received and spelling out her name in the candy that he had. He really has an empathetic heart when it comes to someone being sick.

Shon is still working hard and has a late meeting tonight. I am trying to get everyone to bed early so I can have a few moments of sanity before I go to bed as well. I hope all of you are well. Will talk to you later.

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