Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So I just checked and it has been too long between blogs--so sorry. Lots has been going on--today Caleb lost his first tooth. It has been bothering him for a few days as it continued to get looser (thanks to some help), and tonight he ate supper, and then ate an apple and asked me if it was ready to come out. I got some gauze, pulled and out it came. A minimal amount of "blooduh" too ( if you don't get the reference, look up blood and not funny on youtube--you should find it pretty easily). Emma received her birthday present from my parents, and mom had told me to go ahead and let her open it, so she did and was thrilled to receive a new Disney purse, sparkly flip flops, and a princess t-shirt. When we opened up the purse, she also found a dollar--she was so excited that she began kissing it:-) Jake has been busy talking up a storm--we have been working on our manners with our please and thank you, and today he asked for the phone, and I told him no, and he said "peese?" so of course then I had to let him talk. Thankfully it was mom on the line and not someone I couldn't let him talk to:-)

A few weeks ago after picking Caleb up from school he was telling me about learning about the ocean, and how there are all kinds of ships at the bottom--pirate ships, and even the Titanic. Then he told me that the Titanic sank because it was hit by an ice cube--I tried to keep a straight face and said, " you mean an iceberg", and he said, " yeah, I can never remember what those are called."

We are in for a busy month. Caleb has started soccer for the spring, and t-ball. Emma has a ballet concert at the end of the month, and Jake is just right there in the mix. Not to mention everything with KDO and trying to finish up different embroidery orders. I don't know where the time goes! I am also trying to get the house ready for Emma's birthday party. Pray that I will not procrastinate too much and it will be ready for all her little princess friends. She wants a princess party, and when I asked her who she wants to invite, she started rattling off all these different boys names. I said," they can't dress as princesses", and she said, "mother, they will be knights." in a tone of voice that let me know what she thought of me:-)

That's about all I can think of right now, but hopefully I will have a chance to post more often.

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