Monday, July 07, 2008

Summertime Slump

So, once again, months have passed since posting. Where does the time go? Hopefully I can be a little bit more diligent with posting, since I really want to be able to look back on this and see where we were and where we are now.

Summer has, so far, been quite LONG:-) I didn't realize how it would be with everyone home, but at times I am ready to pull my hair out. We started off the summer with VBS the week after Caleb was done with school--quite early this year. We actually had our work week first, and then VBS, but all that means is we have to be at church for 2 weeks straight. Megan and I had 3 year olds, and we only ended up with 4, but that was alright. They were sweet (most of the time). Caleb really enjoyed his time, and he told me that on Monday he asked Jesus into his heart. I asked him several questions, and that Friday he prayed on the couch with me. We are very excited for him, and very blessed that he sees his need for Christ. So far, I am not really seeing many changes in his attitude, but I know that will come with time ( I still need to make changes in my attitude at times, so I don't expect him to be "perfect").

After VBS, the next week we went to Branson to stay with mom and dad ( Shon had to go to Kansas City). We had a great time. The kids loved the pool there--it is really neat. It only has about 1 foot of water, so Jake had a blast. He was a little timid at first, but once he went in and went down the slide once, he was hooked--and very fearless! That worries me a little for next year, but we will just have to watch him closely. The older 2 did great- they really enjoyed playing there as well. We also went to Silver Dollar City. I felt bad for Jake, as they didn't have anything he could ride other than the train, but he really did great. We saw the Veggie Tales show, at lunch there, ate funnel cake ( which he couldn't get enough of), and went on several rides. Emma definately does not like roller coasters:-) She was pressed up agains me as tight as could be. The only rides she enjoyed were the "dumbo" ride and the rapids ride (Jake and I sat that one out), and the train. Caleb, mom , Emma and I went on Fire in the Hole. She and I enjoyed it--the kids HATED it:-) Hopefully next year at Walt Disney World, they will do better.

Emma and Caleb had swimming lessons the last 2 weeks--they were in the same class and really enjoyed it. Emma refused to put her whole head under water until the last day, but I was really proud of her when she did it, and she also jumped off the diving board! Caleb did really well--he enjoyed the water a lot. I am hoping to get to take them swimming there soon--it will definately have to be with more than just me, though. Jake was a little hard to deal with during lessons--he really wanted to be in the water after our Branson trip. I finally figured out that if I brought food, he was happy to not be in the pool.

We had a pretty low key 4th. We had planned to go to Lepanto, but Renessa (Shon's sister) ended up with bleeding and contractions and was in the hospital all week, so his parents went to Louisiana.

This week is our first week of having nothing to do, which is good. Mom is coming next week to help Shon and I " get organized " (good luck witht that:-), and the older 2 are staying with Dale and Marie. As bad as it probably sounds, I am really ready for a break from them:-) We will probably all go to Lepanto this weekend and then just leave them there.

Well, hopefully I will stay caught up better in the future. I would love to start posting pictures of my latest creations--I have really been inspired by some of the beautiful fabric I have been seeing online. Talk to you soon!

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Hello!!! I can not believe how much they are growing. It seems like I will never get to see the in person. Well everyone looks well. Hope you have a great Holiday...Check out our blog

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