Thursday, December 18, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

is my 2 front teeth:-) Caleb lost BOTH of his front teeth yesterday--with a little bit of help from a basketball to the mouth at Upward on Tuesday:-) His teeth were loose, but after getting hit, they really were about ready to come out. Caleb was really bothered by them, so he kept messing with them and wiggling them back and forth--then he pulled the first one out and asked me to pull out the second:-) They bled a little bit, but now he is fine. I told him now he could sing the above song for Christmas, so he started in. He has a pretty cute lisp when he says he "s" sounds, and I have noticed him sticking his tongue in the spots where his teeth were. He already has 1 of the "big" teeth coming through--he is growing up so fast!

PS And yes, I'm keeping it real--that is my ironing board in the background, along with the box for my Christmas tree, which is up without lights or ornaments--how did I get this far behind?


zum the mum said...

I'm so glad other people have ironing boards and Christmas tree boxes around their house! It makes me feel so much better about the fact that I needed to clean my house 3 weeks ago, and have now decided that I will wait until we take the Christmas stuff DOWN! I mean, that would just be a wasted of energy to clean 2 times so close together...right?

How sad am I?

Kara and Travis said...

Love the ironing board and box in the background. Actually wouldn't have noticed if you wouldn't have mentioned. I was too busy looking at the teeth! Or lack of! I once saw a wooden hanging plaque that said people with clean houses lead boring lives. I try to keep that in mind! I've got more exciting things to do! (Don't tell Sammie! Ha!)