Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spoke (or wrote) too soon

Well, I mentioned in my last post that Emma has been sick twice in the last few weeks. Well, we can add 1 more time to that for her, and also 1 to Jake's tally. Both of them had incidents where they threw up out of nowhere a few times, and then were fine. Emma's was in the middle of the night around 2 am, and Jake's was in the afternoon, but it was just in time for us to miss our Kid's Day Out Christmas parties. Thankfully he gets to go tomorrow, but I missed out on seeing all my sweet kids on Monday. I did go up to school to deliver the birthday cake for Jesus that I had made for class. I also had a bunch of embroidery items to get delivered ( and get paid for:-).

Mom came down last week to help me transport kids everywhere. Caleb had Upward basketball practice Tuesday, and choir practice Wednesday and Thursday. I just didn't want the other 2 kids to have to sit around and wait for him to be done. So mom was wonderful to come and help. She stayed with the younger 2 Wed. night, and took Caleb Thursday so she could watch the dress rehearsal. The program was on Sunday, and it was so good! They had 3 different acts, and Caleb and all the other kids were in the 2nd act. It was really sweet:-)

This week I have a cold that is really wiping me out, on top of Jake deciding that he needs to get up every few hours at night--it is really exhausting! Not to mention trying to finish up shopping, embroidery, cleaning, cooking, etc., all while Shon is out of town. Plus it has just been really stinkin' cold this week!

I do love Christmas, and thought I would leave you guys with my favorite version of "O Holy Night"--I absolutely LOVE David Phelps:-)

Hopefully I will get to post again before Christmas, but if not, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday!

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