Friday, January 16, 2009

Am I in the right house?

So an amazing thing happened at bedtime tonight. I told Caleb and Emma to go upstairs and get in bed--I folded a load of laundry, helped Jake get ready for bed, and when I went up to check on them, it was almost too quiet. I figured they were in Caleb's closet holed up with a bunch of books since all the lights were on upstairs. Instead, I found each one, in their own beds, ASLEEP! I cannot ever remember a time they have done this, let alone both at the same time, so I figured I needed to mark down this special occasion. This really brightened my day, especially with all the fighting and arguing that went on this afternoon. The long weekend is starting on a good note! Hope everyone stays warm--Jake is having his birthday party tomorrow, so I will post pictures of that event soon!


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Kara and Travis said...

Just when you are about to pull your hair out, they amaze you and can be so sweet!