Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Day

So I know I need to post about Jake's birthday party, and I will, but I wanted to put down my thoughts about today first. I do understand that this is an historic date in our country's history. And I am praying for the president as he transitions into this role. However, I don't like how every media outlet and a lot of people are looking at him like he is the messiah come to fix every problem of every person. That's a lot of pressure for one person. I do hope he lives up to the promises of his campaign, but I don't feel like he is going to solve all of my problems. Jesus doesn't promise that all of my problems will be solved (far from it!) , but He does want me to rely on Him and Him alone for my happiness. I guess I just wanted to write how I was feeling--I truly hope I don't offend anyone--but I probably won't be watching much of the coverage today because I am a little sickened by how ingratiating everyone in the media seems to be. When you are put up on a pedestal, it is just a further fall when something happens to knock you off of it. I promise to try and post a more upbeat post about Jake's birthday party later!

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