Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Pt. 2

So things have been going well with the kids at Dale and Marie's--I called to talk to them last night and they were both telling me different activities and things that had been going on. Marie and I decided not to drive to Louisiana this week. I am disappointed but know that the kids would be too tired to try it--hopefully we can go in the summer for longer. As I'm talking with Emma, she suddenly asked me how baby Clayton was doing. I told her I wasn't with him, I was with Jake. So she says," How is Jake Renessa?" The child had been talking to me for at least 5 minutes. I swear she has blonde roots.

Jake has been really into singing at the piano. He gets his play microphone and starts banging on the keys and singing High School Musical and songs from church--really too cute.

Shon told me today that a friend of his that he works with lost their baby last month--she was stillborn. What a tragedy--it made me really thankful for my children being healthy--even though some days I wonder what I was thinking having 3, I can't imagine them not being here. I hope I never have to.

Well, Jake has been down for a long nap, and he'll never go back to bed tonight if I don't get him up. I'll try to post pictures soon--I have some good blackmail material on my phone for when Jake gets older. It involves him, a tiara, and his sister's purple princess dress;-)

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