Monday, November 16, 2009

Sickness is here:-(

Well, I was just thinking on Friday that we had avoided any of the sickness that has been going around--looks like I thought that way too soon! Emma started off the weekend with diarrhea all day on Saturday (sorry if there are any squeamish who read this, but I am assuming it is my mommy friends:-) She ran fever of 101 after her nap, and I just kept waiting for her to start throwing up as well. Thankfully, she woke up Sunday am starving and had no more symptoms of any kind. However, last night Caleb came downstairs 3 different times to tell me he couldn't sleep--all between 11 and 12 am. Finally, the last time he ran to the bathroom and threw up everywhere (thankfully he made it in the toilet, though). So, we are home today and I am making sure he eats bland food-no more throw up as of right now, but I am weary and wondering when Jake is going to catch something. I also feel really bad because my co-teacher at Kid's Day Out is out today with her daughter (the flu) and so our sweet 3 year old class will have 2 subs today instead of 1-I hope they don't freak out too much!

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