Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog failure--for a good reason this time:-)

Well, I once again have been failing majorly at blogging--at least this time I have a good excuse. We found out right before Christmas that baby #4 is on its way--due date sometime in August. We were initially very surprised but are now very excited that this blessing is coming. However, I have been exhausted even with napping with Jake and most days do not even have the energy to pick up toys, much less find the time to blog. So I have fallen behind.

We did have a great Christmas--we spent a week at my in-laws and it was a lot of fun. However, I think it will be the last year we can travel--with 4 kids and all of their stuff, we would have to rent a trailer to pull behind the van to carry everything:-) As it was, Caleb was squished next to a bike and a Handy Manny repair shop on the way home:-) The kids had a great time opening everything all week long. They were allowed to open presents from my in-laws as soon as they arrived, and then on the Sunday before Christmas they opened presents from my sister-in-law and then on Christmas eve they opened 1 gift. Then of course, there was Christmas morning. Caleb received a Nintendo DS from Santa, Emma received a bike, and Jake received the Handy Manny repair shop. Jake and Emma also got game systems--a Leapster 2 for Jake and a Didj for Emma (great sale at right before Christmas). Caleb got some Star Wars people and they all received books.

My mother-in-law got sick while we were there, so I did a lot of the cooking--which was fun. We had told our parents about the baby but held off on telling the kids until after the first appointment. So they understood my need to sleep a lot:-)

My first OB appointment was during the very cold, very icy week that everyone was out of school. It happened to occur on a day when every one of my kids had no school. So I bundled them all up and took them with me:-) The nurse was wonderful and let them stay in the office playing their video games while I had my appointment. I was able to hear and see the heartbeat, and so when Shon arrived home later that night we told the kids. Their reactions were quite amusing--Caleb said he hoped the baby was different from the other 2 kids, Emma wanted to know if she could name the baby, and Jake surprisingly said the baby could share his room. Then a few days later, Jake asked me if what I did was make people:-)

So, all in all, right now I am tired and nauseous in the afternoons--mornings seem to be ok for me. I went for my prenatal nurse visit today and got lab drawn and answered all the medical history questions (Jake was ready to go by that point--he told me --all you are doing is saying no mom--let's go!) Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with this blog once the 2nd trimester is reached, but no promises.


Kara and Travis said...

Congrats! I totally understand you though, as I am due July 17th. I'm coming out of the nausea stage I think. But still tired and worn out. I've only got one other child to run after though, I can't imagine having three others to take care of and be this worn out!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

I love all of the kids reactions to the news. I thought about you a lot that night. So excited and hope you start feeling better soon. At least the miracle you get in the end is worth every tiring second. :)

Mrs. Zachary said...

Wow! I know that you are so excited! I can't even begin to imagine how I would feel. Great for y'all though!


Reba said...

Congratulations again. I am so excited for you! I am impressed that you have traveled for Christmas this long. It took just one child before Mark said, "No more...from now on we wake up in our own house on Christmas morning!" And that is what we have done. (If we do travel, it is the week after Christmas) I loved the kids' reactions to the baby. Priceless!