Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

So we are back with more bad weather--same time as last year--at least this year Shon is home and we have not lost electricity (yet). Last year my sweet friend Jennifer took us into her home and we ended up being their house guests (me and the kids) for 1 week--they never lost power and were very hospitable to us, especially when you consider we had 6 kids 7 and under in the house at 1 time:-) When Shon was finally able to fly back into town, we drove to his parents house and stayed there for the weekend and finally came home once we knew the power was on. We lost a lot of food (since I had just gone to the grocery store before the power went out) but that was all, aside from the expense of the gasoline. I just hated the helpless feeling of being here alone with the kids without power.

So this year we bought a generator and stocked up on flashlights and gasoline to make sure we were more prepared. Shon drove home a day early from his work and we managed to get accomplished everything I think we needed to before the storm hit. He even went out last night and got me my craving of Chinese food:-) What a great hubby! So today we are hunkered down watching the beautiful snow falling (it finally changed to snow about 11 am for us). It almost looks like a blizzard outside with the wind swirling the snow all around. I am snuggled up in my Snuggie (thanks dad:-) and have the fireplace on and the laptop fired up--the kid are quiet for now and life is good! Hopefully the power will stay on since we are overly prepared this time:-) Hope everyone stays safe during the storm!

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John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

Of course the power didnt' go out since you were prepared!! That is the way it goes. lol

Hope you and the kids are doing well.