Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More baby pictures and the first day of school

And finally, tired baby at the end of the day--I love how he curls up like this.
And here is one from yesterday--wide awake and actually in clothes for only the second time as opposed to pajamas and gowns:-)

We were not having any cute pictures in our hat--apparently we don't like them at all:-)

Precious baby feet--love how little they are:-)

Will on his beautiful blanket from Jennifer--so soft and I love the personalization.

Will and daddy--too cute!

Second real bath but we didn't get pictures of the first one--such is the life of a 4th child.

Thought this was cute of Will--love the tongue out:-)

A shot of Will with with Nana--at least her shirt:-)

Trying to get a good shot of Will with his eyes open--and I really can't tell now what color they are:-)

Proud big brother--although his arms tend to get tired very quickly--especially if Will starts crying:-)

First day of school--and yes, every picture of Emma she had her eyes closed:-)
And once again I managed to put in every pictures backwards--it's a talent I have:-)

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Reba said...

Love the pictures. He is so sweet! Hope you are getting all settled in.