Tuesday, August 03, 2010

2 weeks or less to go!

So don't fall over, but yes, this is another post:-) I went back to the doctor today--still only dilated to 2 but he said anytime the contractions start and are regular to head straight to the hospital--I can't believe I am already 38 weeks! It has been SOOOOO hot here, as I know it is everywhere else but I have really just been trying to stay in and soak up the AC as long as possible. I have washed all the baby clothes, put the pack n play together, the swing is ready, now all that is left is to put the car seat in the car and pack my hospital bag.

My older 2 kids arrived home after 3 weeks away on Saturday. My mother-in-law is staying with us right now and I am very thankful for her--not only did she have my older 2 the past 3 weeks, she is going to stay until this baby arrives:-) I was worried it would be just me alone in the delivery room while Shon dealt with our other 3 but now that she is here I feel much better about things.

We are just trying to get the house more organized and cleaned and get everything in its place. I hope everyone stays cool and I will post more when I know more:-)

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PreschoolMommy said...

you should totally up-date this & post pics ... please?!?!