Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 months old

Will, you are seven months old! It doesn't seem possible that you are now closer to 1 year--time is really flying by:-) Here is what you have been doing:
You still are not sleeping through the night--most nights you wake at least once. You still won't go to sleep without being swaddled--we tried last night and you did eventually fall asleep, but you refused to stay that way, so momma swaddled you anyway--and you slept from 10:30 until 4:30 this morning. So who knows what we are going to do with you and sleeping.
You have tried all the first foods and most of the 2nd foods. We give you one fruit, one vegetable, and one cereal 2nd foods everyday. You usually have cereal in the morning, but I switched it yesterday and today to fruit in the morning, veggie at lunch, and cereal at bedtime to see if it will help you sleep longer. We will see if the better sleeping continues.
You wear size 3 diapers and size 6-9 or 6-12 months clothing.
You are able to sit on your own for a few seconds before you topple in different directions.
You still are refusing to roll over--you hate to be on your stomach for any amount of time at all--you actually look a little like a reverse turtle-your hands and legs are flailing and you rest on your tummy (shell). Mommy and daddy might have laughed at you quite a bit when you do this:-)
You love your brothers and sister--they can make you smile even if you were just screaming your head off--and they love trying to make you smile--so no jealousy still, which is nice.
You are taking 2 naps (for the most part) each day--one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening.
You have graduated to the "big" bathtub. We have tried several things and when you are sitting up on your own we will use them but for now you lie down on a little sponge-type blue penguin and love to kick and splash mommy with water:-)
You are drooling constantly but still no teeth or swollen gums--you can soak a bib in about 5 minutes time, though.
You still love the jumper and will tolerate the swing, but you have not been enjoying the baby gym as much.
We went for a walk outside in a stroller and you LOVED it--mommy can't wait for warmer weather so we can do this everyday.
Will, we are so proud to have you in our family and look forward to seeing what you accomplish over the next month!

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