Saturday, February 04, 2012

Oven fried chicken

This recipe is for me, since I combined a few different ones to come up with this one--it was really good and moist and the crust on the chicken was wonderful. Here are the ingredients:

chicken (I used boneless skinless chicken breast, but you can use whatever type you like. I might try chicken legs next time.)
corn flakes
2 eggs
panko bread crumbs
crisco (enough to brown chicken in)

1. Rinse chicken and sprinkle each side generously with salt, pepper, and paprika.
2. Place chicken in ziploc bag and pour buttermilk over chicken until covered.
3. Put bag in fridge for at least 24 hours to make moist. I actually left mine in for 2 days because I didn't get to cook it the day I had originally wanted to.
4. After marinating chicken, set up your assembly line--eggs mixed with milk, flour mixed with salt/pepper/paprika, and a ziploc bag with equal parts crushed corn flakes and panko. I don't give any measurements because it just depends on your tastes and how much chicken you have to cook.
5. Heat crisco in large skillet.
6. Take your chicken from the buttermilk mixture. Dip it in the flour, then the egg, and then your cornflake mixture. Place chicken in skillet and brown on each side.
7. After chicken is browned, place in pyrex dish and bake in oven at 400 until chicken is done. I baked mine for 50 minutes because the chicken breasts I used were huge.
8. I served this with mashed potatoes and milk gravy and green beans.
If anything isn't clear please comment and I will try to clear things up. I don't have a picture yet but will try to take one of the leftovers:-)

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Reba said...

I just discovered panko not long ago. How did I live my life without that? Sounds yummy!