Saturday, February 11, 2012

A week of sickness and kids out of school

Well, Will has continued to run fever all week. We went to the doctor on Wednesday, and she told me his ear had some fluid in it, but it wasn't infected yet. He also had a pretty bad cough and fever. She gave me an antibiotic and told me to watch him for a day or so and if he wasn't better to give it to him. Now I am usually really good to follow that advice and wait, but this time I just had a feeling he was not going to be getting better, so I went ahead and filled the antibiotic and started it Wednesday night. I'm really glad I did--his temp jumped up again that evening, and his nose started pouring. He has also been battling watery, runny eyes. He was up in the night on Wednesday night and ended up sleeping in bed with us--which means I didn't get much sleep at all. He was up from 1 until 3 am and I finally got him down in his bed. He spent most of Thursday and Friday in my lap on the couch. I really couldn't put him down too much or he would really get upset:-( Caleb stayed home on Wednesday due to a headache and stomachache. All 3 older kids were home on Friday for teacher work day, so I did not have much of a break this week. I started feeling bad on Thursday evening/Friday morning and today I am really not feeling well-I have a headache and sore throat and am also coughing. So, I am pretty sure that whatever Will has is viral, but he also has been really tugging his ear, so I am glad that I started the medicine. He is really acting a lot like he has RSV, so I am watching his cough and breathing very closely. It is not as dangerous at his age as it would be if he was a tiny baby, but it could definitely make him wheeze, so that is what I am watching for. He seems to be feeling better this am, so I am hopeful that he is on the mend. I really don't have anything else to report as I have been stuck on the couch for the past few days:-) Hoepfully everyone will be recovered and stay well for their Valentine's parties--they older kids are getting really excited and I have a few treats to make for their classes.

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