Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Movin' on up (north)

Shon's job with Cerner has taken him to Columbia, MO since August of last year. The University signed a 10 year contract with Cerner, so they are asking Shon to relocate to Columbia. After visiting there this weekend (just the 2 of us--thanks MeMe and Papa for watching the kids) we are in agreement that a move is the best thing for our family at this time.

As sad as I am about leaving friends and not being as close to my family, I am thrilled that we will all be back together in the same town. It has been hard on the kids, particularly Caleb, myself, and Shon during the time he is traveling. Right now our plan is to fix a few cosmetic issues up in our home and put it on the market soon. We are planning to move to Columbia by the end of June if everything works out. Please pray that our house will sell quickly so we don't have to try and sell from long-distance (been there, done that before, hated it the entire time). We also need prayer to determine where the best fit will be for our family with a new church, school, etc. We are looking forward to the journey that God will be taking us on, but will definitely miss everyone here.


Reba said...

Oh, wow! I am kind of sad (though I don't ever actually see you in person) but I know you must be so ready to be together! Will be praying for your transition.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is big news...big year for you guys! Happy you will all be together again. I have a good friend that moved to Columbia last summer. I'm sure she'd be happy to share any info on the area with you. Praying for a quick sale on your house!