Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally a post!

Well, it has been too long and this post is likely to be short, but I wanted to catch up and say that we are finally moved to Columbia! It was an eventful move--one I don't want to repeat anytime soon:-) You never really realize how much stuff you have until you try to box it up and make it fit into a truck. I am so thankful we had a team of packers and people to load and unload the truck for us--I can't imagine trying to do everything on our own. My in-laws came and helped with getting the rest of the things that were not allowed to be on the truck ( it was quite a list and we ended up having to rent a uhaul to get everything to fit). They were also gracious enough to take my 2 oldest back with them so it has been me and Jake for the past week or so. I have been unpacking boxes when I am not too tired--I did manage to unpack the kitchen in 2 days ( we had 25 boxes for it alone:-) The bedrooms are coming along, as is the living room. Shon had his birthday recliner delivered today, so we finally have somewhere comfortable to sit in the living room ( we got rid of our couch and recliner rather than bring it with us).

I have been having sporadic contractions for the last week, and am really at the point where I just get tired very easily--which is frustrating because I feel like there is a lot I need to get done--I guess the nesting mode has hit:-) I just really want everything in its place before we have to go to the hospital. I already bought all the kids school supplies and have them labeled and put in their backpacks. I have been cleaning when I can and just want all the odds and ends to have a place to go right now.

Well, this is a pretty boring post but does let you know what we have been up to the last few weeks. I will try to blog about the beginning of our summer soon but who knows when that will actually happen:-)

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John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

Miss you. I want to see pic of the baby!!!