Monday, October 10, 2011

Fourteen Months Old

Will you are 14 months old today!  You have been sick for the past week with some kind of bug--we have been to the doctor twice and you are still not over it.  You started running fever last Wednesday and continued to run fever until Saturday.  You have had an ear infection and cough and runny nose as well.  You have been sleeping a lot more than normal and your appetite is way down.  You are having trouble drinking your milk and water as well.  Normally you eat very well and are doing a great job drinking from your sippy cup.  You are enjoying school a bunch and have a great time while you are there.  You are wearing size 12-18 month for the most part in clothes. We had to buy you some new sleepers this month since the others were getting too small--they are 18 month size. You are finally getting a few more teeth--one has broken through on top and it looks like 3 more will come in pretty soon.  You are still eating mostly baby food, but have really enjoyed eating deli turkey and square cheese lately.  You also like goldfish, ritz crackers, mini vanilla wafers, and mini club crackers.  You have been standing up on your own but don't like to do it for long. You are very fast at crawling and love to go up the stairs--however you do not like to be up there by yourself. You actually fell down the stairs a few weeks ago--you managed to catch yourself about 3 stairs down but had a huge goose egg knot on your forehead:-( 
You are still receiving speech and physical therapy, and you are doing very well even though you protest at times.  You don't have any new words right now but are doing much better using the sign for more:-)
You had an ENT appointment last week and we started you on Prilosec 5 mg twice a day and also on Flonase, 1 squirt per nostril once a day.
You weighed 22 lbs and 15 oz at the doctor's office on Friday, and your head measurement was 49 cm. 
Since you have been sick you have been letting us snuggle you a bunch, which mommy loves, but wishes that you didn't have to be sick for you to act that way. 
Will, we love you so much!

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