Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crazy busy week

So this week instead of sickness we are dealing with busyness.  Shon is working 12 hour days with a go-live this week, so I am on my own to get all the kids to their respective locations.  Here has been our schedule so far:

Monday--thankfully nothing!
Tuesday--ballet at 4:30, football at 5:45, Girl Scouts at 6:30, which meant take Emmaa, run home and get supper going, take Caleb all the way across town in 5:00 traffic, come back and pick up Emma, run home to eat, take Emma to GS, then head to pick Caleb up. Come home, feed Caleb, bathe Will and put him to bed, then go pick up Emma ( Shon was home at this time so I was able to leave the boys with him)
Wednesday--today we have a dentist appointment for Jake (4:00) pick up cookie dough from the school, and take Caleb to football
Thursday--ballet at 4:30, football at 5:45, and Will has a doctor's appointment at 2:30.
Friday--Caleb has chess club, so he as to be at school at 7:40, then both older kids have eye appointments after school, and I am supposed to take my van in for an oil change and a recall notice on the power steering stuff.  I am tired just typing everything:-)  Jake asked me yesterday why he doesn't do anything after school--he told me he wanted to do karate--I told him if we can do it at a time right after school it would probably be ok:-)  Are you guys busier in fall than in any other time of year?

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Reba said...

Yes. So much I feel like my head is spinning. Thankfully three kids' sports just ended, though the fourth started hers. After three though, having one will seem like a dream. :) Hope it slows down very soon for you!