Friday, July 25, 2008

Adabacadoes, Cannibals, and more

So it has been quite a long week. Not for any reason in particular, just the busyness of having all 3 kids here and "bored". I heard that phrase a lot, especially from my oldest. Nothing was fun, he had no toys to play with, and he was bored. It's really funny to me that his room is full, he has access to tv, games, dvds, etc, but still can't find anything to do. Not to mention the backyard with the swing set. I guess he was used to going and doing with MeMe and Papa, and our slower pace here was "boring".

I am not to feel the need to entertain my kids. I know there are some people out there who feel differently, but my kids need to learn to entertain themselves and use their imaginations. He was put out a few times, but managed to find legos to build or drawings to complete to keep himself busy.

I have also been noticing how his appetite has been increasing--I really think he about to hit a major growth spurt--he ate 4 biscuits, eggs and bacon for breakfast this am alone:-) Then he wanted 2 turkey sandwiches at lunch, along with carrots w/ranch, strawberries, and grapes.

Mom said she was talking to Caleb today and he asked is she would bring Emma some legos when she comes to see them next week. We both thought it was really sweet. He really does seem to have a heart for trying to make everyone feel better. He is very sweet with Jake (most of the time) and always tries to help me with getting things for him.

So for the post's title, Emma has just been so funny to listen to lately. Last night we had quesadillas, and I made Rotel and guacamole. Emma wanted to help, so she got up on a stool and watched. She asked what I was making, and I told her guacamole to go along with our supper. She said, " Oh yeah! I love adabacadoes!". You just have to laugh! Then today she and Shon and Caleb were wrestling and playing around, and she stands up and yells, "Cannibal!" and jumps on Shon. I am sure she was trying to say cannonball, and it came out totally wrong. I really do think she has some roots blond somewhere in there.

Jake is still pitching fits--I am getting more used to them, which is probably a bad thing, but he has taken to also hitting you and thinking it is funny, so we are definitely going to have to stop that behavior. He is truly more strong willed than what I expected him to be, but he is definitely a mommas' boy--Shon and Caleb left this evening to head back to Lepanto, and Shon asked if Jake wanted to go, and he clung to me even tighter. It's really sweet, but sometimes it would be nice if he let daddy do more.

Well, this post is all over the place, but these are the thoughts in my head. Hope everyone is going to enjoy a great weekend!

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