Monday, July 21, 2008

The kids are back:-)

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but I now have all 3 kids and my husband back under one roof:-) The older 2 have been gone for a week visiting MeMe and Papa, and Shon went to Lepanto on Friday to work more on the screened in back porch he is building for them. They were going to come home yesterday, but Shon was still working at 5pm, and it ended up being too late to drive back (5plus hours).

So, for the short time that they have been back, I have already broken up 2 arguments, threatened to remove all the toys from both of their rooms, and grounded 1 from the play station. Keep in mind they have only been home for 4 hours:-)

I have missed them this weekend, but it was nice only having to make meals for 1 child and bathe 1 child. Mom was here last week, and we spent 4 days cleaning out and organizing my home. I can't believe the difference. I am kind of at a loss now for what to do:-) Actually, I have plenty--I still need to clean out the craft/computer/guest/kids tv room. I also need to strip Emma's dresser and re-paint it.

Tomorrow we have hair cuts (me, Jake and Emma), and it really is coming at a good time. Today we were in Harps (me and Jake), and a stocker asked how "the ladies" were doing:-) He is wearing blue today, but I think the man only saw the back of his head. At least that is what I am telling myself:-)

Not much else going on. The older 2 kids have dentist appointments next week, Emma has kindergarten testing on the 31st, Caleb is getting baptized August 3rd, and then mom and dad are going to take him and Emma back to Mtn. Home for a few days. Then there are Kid's Day Out meetings and work days, Jake has a dentist appointment, and we have to get all the supplies for school.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday, and we will catch up soon!

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