Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome baby Clayton!

Well, I am offically an aunt! Clayton was born today at 12:24pm, weighing in an 4 lbs 15 oz. He is 19 in long, and has black curly hair:-) He is about 5 weeks early, so for right now he is in the nursery as he is having a little difficulty breathing.

The kids were very excited--Caleb and Emma were singing "we have a cousin" over and over loudly. Jake was just being loud because they were, so you can imagine the fun.

Dale and Marie left this am to head to Baton Rouge, and are hopefully arriving soon. Marie kept me up to date and called as soon as he was born to let me know the details. I really wish we could be there, but it would be complete chaos with the 3 kids.

It is special today not only because of Clayton, but also because it is Shon's birthday. He is 38 years old today! What a wonderful birthday present to have his first nephew born on his birthday!

I don't have much more to report--Shon and Caleb were gone all weekend, and we hung around the house and went to Sam's and Wal Mart. Hope everyone is well!

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Kara and Travis said...

You never told me you had a blog! I tracked you down by your comment on mine! I am so excited that I can keep up with you all better now. I'll add you to my links if that is okay with you. Hope you all are doing well! ~Kara