Thursday, March 25, 2010

Columbia for Spring Break--and some baby news:-)

So mom and I headed out with the kids on Monday morning to go to Columbia for Spring Break. The trip took about 5 hours so we arrived right at 5pm--thankfully the traffic wasn't bad. We met Shon at the hotel and got checked in and then headed to Ruby Tuesday's for supper. After that we got ready for bed and everyone settled in to watch a little tv. The next morning Shon had the day off so we got ready and went down to the hotel restaurant for a yummy breakfast. Then we headed out for the day. Shon showed the kids and mom around Columbia. We saw the University of Missouri and went around to several different areas. We ate lunch at a a Mexican restaurant called Chevy's--it was fabulous! The kids really enjoyed it. Then we headed to one of the many parks in the area. After that everyone was ready to head back to the hotel. Mom and I took the kids swimming in the indoor pool. After about an hour of that everyone was ready for a rest. We piled on the beds and turned on a movie. Jake fell asleep about 30 minutes in and slept until we were ready to go to supper. Everyone was in the mood for pizza, so we went to CiCi's. It was a cheap meal but not necessarily the best food:-) The next day Shon had to work again, so mom and I took the kids to breakfast and then I headed to my nurse's appointment. Mom took the kids to Barnes and Noble, the mall, and Target while I met with the OB nurse. We then headed to Fuddrucker's for lunch and then went back to the hotel for some rest. Jake and I took a nap and mom had the older 2 rest and then headed to the pool. We then got ready and went for a drive and to buy a new fan for Emma ( hers had died the day before). Once we bought the fan we went to McDonald's for a quick snack of ice cream cones and then went on a drive around town. We came back and got ready for supper. The family decided on Macaroni Grill--Jake decided that would be a perfect place to have a meltdown about some smell that was making him sick--he refused to eat anything and would only drink water. So we ate fairly quickly and then headed back to the hotel for an early night. Today I had another appointment, this time with the OB in Columbia. We had a bit of a discrepancy on the due date, so I had an ultrasound this am as well. Shon and I headed out at 7:30 to make the 8 am appointment, where we found out that we are having.........a BOY! The kids were very excited when they were told--even Emma, whom I was sure would be upset. After all the appointments we headed back to the hotel to pack up and head home. Mom and I stopped at Target to get her some medicine (she has come down with a sinus/sore throat thing) and then we headed home. We ate at Culver's in Osage Beach and made it home around 4:30pm. We are relaxing as we speak and getting ready to put the kids down for bed so we can both go as well--it has been a long week! Tomorrow we wait for the washing machine repair man again--second time in 1 week!

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Reba said...

Congratulations! Were you expecting to find out so soon? Did your due date change? I kind of got tickled on the Macaroni Grill thing...couldn't he have decided to have a meltdown at Cici's instead? :)