Wednesday, January 04, 2012

1st day back to school!

The kids survived their first day and I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing:-) They are off playing with friends and on the computer, while Will is drinking a cup of milk and hanging out in the living room with me while I fold laundry:-) Will had an explosion of vocabulary while we were at the in-laws, and has added "choo-choo", "cheese", "turkey" and "mynee" to his list of words. I believe the last word is a combo of mine and I need--because it is only said when he is trying to get something to eat from the table:-)
I am glad to get back into the routine of school--I am really trying to come up with a master schedule for myself that will let me pick what to do on each day so that everything in the house will get cleaned once a week and I will not feel so overwhelmed. I bought a 3 ring binder and some page protectors and I am googling different calendar/organizing sites. Wish me luck!
I feel like my word for this year is simplify! I want to simplify our lives and get rid of all of the clutter--whether it is physical like toys (or weight gain:-) or emotional or spiritual.
I feel like this is a really random post, but I received an iPhone for Christmas from Shon and have had such a good time finding different apps to use. A friend of mine told me about an app called Grocery IQ that is very cool--you can keep your grocery list on the phone and the neatest part is that you can scan bar codes of the foods you run out of at home, and it will put it on your list for you:-) I also found an app called My Fitness Pal where you can track your calories and exercise for each day--it is really similar to Weight Watchers online. My sister told me about urbanspoon. We don't eat out much, but it is fun to shake it and see what restaurant it lands on:-) Of course instagram and Pinterest are 2 others I have downloaded--the best thing is that all the ones I have mentioned are free apps:-)
Well, supper duty calls. We are having parmesan crusted tilapia tonight--trying to eat healthier!


Reba said...

How was the tilapia? We had the baked sweet and sour chicken. YUM. I will have to check out the My Fitness Pal app. Exercise is starting next week for me. Have you ever been to the "Fly Lady" website. She has good plans for cleaning. I probably need to get back to that. I like the "simplify" concept. That is what we are trying to do...slowly but surely. :)

Carolynn said...

The tilapia was really good--I looked at a few different recipes and used ideas from each:-) I'll post it on here for you to see if you want to try it.