Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Monday Confessions

My new washer was delivered this morning. I am washing my second load as I type. It is sooooo quiet! Love it.
Small confession: Will doesn't get a bath everyday. He has super-sensitive skin and some eczema so he is an every other day bather--and I really like that I don't have to do a bath everyday.
I don't ever make our bed--ever. If someone comes over, our door gets closed. And stays closed.
On that note, it is rare for the kids beds to be made. Emma is the only one who does it on a somewhat consistent basis.
My Christmas trees are still up, even though it is January 23rd. Every time I look at them, I say to myself that I will put them up tomorrow:-)
I have 2 baskets of folded clothes in my bedroom that we have been getting clean clothes out of because I am too lazy to put them away.
I secretly enjoy watching Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2--if only to realize how much worse my life could be:-)
I love food and hate to exercise, which is where this weight gain tends to come into play--really wishing the reverse were true.
Any secret confessions out there? Or am I the only loser mom? :-)

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Reba said...

I could go right along with a lot of those. I like Teen Mom too though I haven't watched it in a while. For some reason, putting away clean clothes is "hard" to me. In fact, I only like washing them...not drying or folding them. Hmmm, another confession? I have a Lady Gaga song on my ipod. :)