Sunday, January 15, 2012


As I was sitting in church this morning I realized that I still would rather be back in Northwest Arkansas. I hate that I still feel like this but why hide the truth? Moving is just as hard when you are 35 as it is when you are 11. There are still cliques no matter how old you are, and it is just as hard for me to make friends at this age as it is at age 10. I mean, I am friendly and can really talk with just about anyone, but a true friend who really knows you is very hard to come by:-) Don't get me wrong, I am making friends, but right now I really miss "home".
All of this to say, I am praying for peace and contentedness for where I am right now, even though it is not where I would have chosen for me. There is a reason that we moved here, even if I don't see it and might never see it. Thanks for listening to me ramble:-)

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Reba said...

Hugs to you. Moving IS hard. And I think it might be harder at 35 than at 11. It isn't like you are in school every day with people to truly connect. As a busy mom, time with others is hit and miss, so it is hard to develop those relationships. I will pray for that peace for you. I do understand. Sometimes hubby suggests we "could" move away from NWA and I start to hyperventilate...