Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Will's 6 month review

This is mainly for me for remembering later on in life. Will had his 6 month review from starting physical and speech therapy today. It is so amazing to see how much he has learned in the past 6 months. The main objectives for his physical therapy were to be rolling over and to learn to catch himself when he was falling. He is now walking (almost running) and doing much better at catching himself if he falls forward. Our goals for the next year are for him to learn to walk up and down the stairs and learn to balance on surfaces that are not flat ( ie. our driveway, which has a steep incline). We also want him to be able to use him tummy muscles more:-) As far as speech goes, he has learned so many words, especially in the last month. We would like him to have 2 word phrases and be able to say the names of his siblings. So, all in all, Will is doing extremely well in both speech and physical therapy. He is going to be starting occupational therapy in a few weeks to help with using both hands equally and a few other things. Also he learned a new word today--bubbles:-)

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