Saturday, January 14, 2012

More on the birthday....

Jake requested eating out for supper, so Shon picked up Mad Cow (which is identical to Five Guys) and brought it home on his way home. After eating, he was ready to open his presents. He received a Finn McMissile ridemakerz car from my mom and dad ( mom sent me money to pick something out for him) and he received several (on sale) Lego sets and a big floor puzzle from us. After presents it was time for cake. We then spent the next few hours putting together 4 different sets of Legos. Then it was time for bed. Today we decided to continue his birthday celebration and eat out for lunch:-) We ate at Texas roadhouse and it was very good. We had a lazy rest of the day and evening, which are my favorite kind of days on the weekend.
I tried to upload photos but so far no luck---I will edit this and add pics if I have the chance!

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Reba said...

Happy birthday to Jake! Sounds like a fun birthday weekend. I agree...I like those lazy kind of days on the weekend.