Monday, January 09, 2012

Trouble with Jake

Well, I am seeking advice today. Jake has been having issues the past few weeks in school with not wanting to do any of his writing work. He missed a recess last week because of his refusal to listen and do the work. Today I missed a call from his teacher and she left a message saying he wasn't doing his writing work again today and that after she worked with him for 10 minutes or so and sent him back to his desk, he got mad and scribbled all over his work so she decided he needed to miss lunch with his class and recess today to see if that would stress the importance of listening and following instructions. He had to eat in the office and stay there for recess. My question is, what should I be looking for as far as true delay in fine motor skills versus just not wanting to do work if it is a little difficult? His teacher is great and she and I so far have not come up with something that is working. Thanks for any advice you guys can give--it is much appreciated!


Reba said...

How are his fine motor skills in other areas? This is a toughie (as a mom and a teacher). Is this a new issue or have you been dealing with it for a while? I wish I had answers. Hugs to you!

Tales from Goshen said...

How old is he? What type of writing program does he use? I'm working with Brooklyn for her kindergarten and we're using Handwriting Without Tears...great for keeping them from reversing letters, etc. What's his personality like? Is he a perfectionist? I have a good friend whose son is brilliant, but just absolutely can't get handwriting. He sobs when it's time to do it at school. They're trying so hard to figure out why that is.